Features Caseload Manager offers a robust set of tested and secure features to support the work of your ombuds office

Case Management

Track all of your cases in the cloud from any secure web browser, with instant access to case details and updated status information. Our design is based on IOA case categories and required visitor information.

Real Time Reporting

Generate reports directly from live data, so you always have updated information at your fingertips. View your key data, knowing that you are in control of what data is permanently saved.

Calendar Management

Track events and activities in real time so nothing gets lost and no action items fall off of your to-do list.  The platform enables you to track hours spent across all categories: training, reporting, and visitor support.

The case list lets you search through all your open cases, select which data you’d like to see in the results, and access any case with a click.

You can dynamically configure what information is captured in each case, view associated documents, and create calendar and activity entries in real time.

View all of your upcoming events and completed activities in one place – or focus down only on the events associated with a single visitor or case.

Keep track of all your sent emails, send bulk messages, and use pre-drafted templates to keep language consistent.

Create private, secure meeting rooms where you can communicate with your visitors securely, exchanging files or scheduling video calls.

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